It’s a pumpkin sort of day.

I escaped the mess that is my house during the renovation that will continue through this winter season. Starbucks is my first escape destination on such days. They know me well there. I’ve even started inviting clients to have meetings with me there, offering to buy their drink for them.

This day, I was working alone on a chapter for the coffee business book. The pumpkin drinks had just started coming out at the various cafes and shops for the season. A little early this year. I suspect people are trying to get Fall to happen in the hopes that it would be less challenging than the summer for so many of us.

The state I live in was half flooded. Much of it is still flooded and we have more saturating rain storms coming in tonight. It sucks. The roads we normally travel to my Mom are still closed, so I’ve not been able to escape to see her. Nor have I been able to visit the coffee shops in that area I’ll be featuring in my upcoming book. 

I’m hoping to be able to visit in a few weeks when I have my husband helping me find the right roads to snake through the water.

For now, I’m thankful we’re not flooded at home and that I can still get to my regular coffee shops.

Usually I get a sandwich and coffee drink for my two hour writing session. This time I got a pumpkin scone too. I love Starbucks pumpkin scones and can’t pass up the chance to get one. 

I’m a huge fan of the cold brew too, and tried the pumpkin cream cold brew. It did not disappoint. 

The cold brew coffee tastes great to me, much like my regular I normally order. The cold brew has vanilla in it, which is the flavoring I normally get. 

This drink has the cold foam on top instead of my normal soy milk. I really liked it. The pumpkin flavor is mild. The spices on top blend well. 

Only thing I didn’t like was how the spices stuck to the lid. I had to take the lid off and scrape them onto the top of my drink. Not much that can be done about that. It’s just how things work. 

Final thought is this is a drink I’ll probably order more than a few times this fall season. Light, refreshing, and spiced just the right amount for my work drink.

Grande size is 250 calories with 185 mg caffeine. Full nutritional specs can be found at