A Coffee Subscription Review

This year we had a surprise gift from a friend for a holiday box from the company, Bean Box.

Bean Box offers many varieties of gifts and subscriptions for the coffee enthusiast. You can order a single shipment of coffee, treats, and merchandise. Or you can set up a monthly delivery plan.

Our holiday gift box had 8 holiday blend packets of whole bean coffee and an assortment of chocolate bars.

The packets were just the right size for a full pot of coffee in our cuisinart maker. Each one was different with interesting flavor notes and from various roasters.

It’s difficult to be very certain, but their website reads as if all the products in their boxes come from Seattle, Washington.

I like this idea. It’s much easier to have strong quality control if all the companies you represent are ones you can reach out to and visit very easily.

And the coffees in our pack did not disappoint me. We didn’t find one offering that we didn’t love.

Presentation: Bean Box uses a basic cardboard box and the bags have a matching cardboard color base. The bag packaging were all uniform, yet the addition of a separate color scheme for each coffee really was pleasing. This made for a very enticing Christmas present.

Aroma: The beans smelled fresh roasted and we didn’t feel like we were getting soon-to-be-stale coffee from the department store shelf.

Serving Size: Each packet fit our coffee brewer needs perfectly for a full pot of coffee. There was no waste. (We brew 11-12 cups at a time.)

Flavor notes: The flavor notes you get from the brewed coffee does match the flavor notes on the packet. (We use a special filter on our tap water now.)

Experience: Drinking these coffees was very smooth and easy. My more sensitive stomach could handle drinking them straight, and the flavors blended well for my normal lattes at home. There was no aftertaste you get with inferior roasting or from staleness moving in.

Overall, I say this product is a great gift. Expense wise, it’s a little on the high side. But considering what some people pay for K-cups without a thought, this shouldn’t be too much to pay.

For the price, you do get quality controlled selections of coffee and treats. This makes Bean Box a good buy in my opinion.

Check out the website at BeanBox.com for more. They have a $5 dollar sample offer on the website right now.