A Coffee Review


I’m a huge fan of using your business to support a charity, and a lover of animals, so Grounds & Hounds coffee got my attention right away. 

I’ve tried a couple of their coffees, the cold brew, and their hot cocoa.

Their cold brew doesn’t give us the flavor we’re in love with. I really should talk to G&H sometime about it. I’m not sure it tasted like it was supposed to. 

I’ve been making cold brew for many years from freshly ground beans. This probably makes my expectations pretty high for cold brew coffee.

At this time, I will withold my thoughts and will try to get another pack of cold brew in from them.

Their hot cocoa is the kind that’s the REAL cocoa taste. If you like your hot cocoa strong and real, and rich, this is the cocoa for you. I’m more of a light cocoa person, so I plan on using the rest of my G&H cocoa as an ingredient in a new brownie recipe. I’m betting it will be very yummy!

The coffee though…

First, the decaf. 

The Grounds & Hounds decaf is one of the few decaf coffees I really like. By like, I mean it’s one of the few coffees that actually retains the bean’s flavor notes. 

As many of my older followers know, I drink a lot of coffee on some days, but I have to monitor my caffeine intake levels. Additionally, my husband will easily drink two full pots of coffee per day on his own.

While coffee is good for you, it’s like many other good foods. Too much can be not so good for you.

On our heavy drinking days, I pull out Grounds & Hounds Decaf coffee. So far, I’ve had three bags of Hush Puppy Decaf. Next time, I’m going to try their medium roast version.

Their Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe was a very enjoyable experience. We get the whole beans, especially when we have origins like Ethiopian ones. Fresh grinding your beans brings out so much more of their flavor notes than if you order them pre-grounded.

I’ll continue to order coffee from Grounds & Hounds, concentrating next time on their blends. I love how they use theme specific names for their blends, like Sit and Stay and Belly Rub Blend.

The only thing I did not like about ordering from them is the shipping tracking. It gets hung up halfway between them and here, and I lose ability to track it. We like to make sure we’re home when we expect a delivery.

Yet, delivery times are very good and in a timely manner. No reason to see a need to fear the coffee not arriving fresh.

In addition, their accessories are awesome. I ordered one cup with my last order, and I got one of their cups as a Christmas present from my daughter this year. 

You can be sure I’ll order more cups from them in the future.

Check out their website for more information at GroundsandHoundsCoffee.com