A Coffee Review

One of our favorite coffees to order in is from the award-winning Klatch coffee roasters.

I can’t say enough about the quality of their coffees. We especially love the Ethiopia coffee from them and have ordered it in multiple times.

They seem to have a coffee that fits everyone’s flavor preference.

Sumatra is my husband’s favorite single origin coffee. Sumatra is one of those coffees that’s sensitive to crop conditions, so it’s not always easy to get high quality of this origin.

We may buy it one time and it’s great, when it’s not so great the next time from the same roaster.

Sumatra tends to be more oily, so you may have to pay attention when you grind your own. When I order in Sumatra, I usually will order it pre-ground for this reason.

In fact, our order to Klatch has been pre-ground. While I like to grind my own coffee, there are times when I know we’re not going to be able to do it easily.

Especially this past fall, as our house has been in remodel mode for awhile and my husband was still building my coffee wall in the kitchen.

Klatch is a coffee I highly recommend for both quality, flavor, and shipping dependability.

They just released coffee bags, much like tea bags.

While I’m not for “lazy coffee” and don’t advocate the use of quick coffee methods like the k-cups, I do make allowances for being able to travel with coffee.

I’ll be ordering in a pack of their steeped coffee bags with our next Ethiopia coffee order to try for the “travels with coffee” section.

I haven’t tried their espresso yet, but I will be getting one of those in to try with the espresso machine and aeropress too.

Check out their website at KlatchRoasting.com