Today we tried Verena Street’s Wine Barrel Aged Sumatra.

This coffee is roasted in small batches at a time. Our order was shipped almost immediately after we placed our order.

The smell from the package was definitely reminiscent of a wine barrel. When I let my husband smell the beans he said it was like cherry wine.

My thoughts exactly. I even thought pinot noir as I smelled it.

I ground some up and more of the Sumatra notes came through…reminding us of Mexican chocolate. The whole thing was like a deep cherry chocolate sensation.

For the first time, I put it through our Cuisinart coffee brewer. In the brewed coffee, the flavors really came out. The sumatra’s earthy tones combined well with the infused aromas from the barrel.

The resulting cup gave a very smooth deep flavored cup of coffee. I’m not a fan of Sumatra. That tends to be one of my husband’s favorite single origins, but I am a fan of this one.

The smokey flavor with a hint of chocolate and cherry was not overbearing. It’s one of those coffees that give you a true feel good about the day sensation when you drink it.

My husband made a good stout (beer) one year with coffee. At the first sip, I thought this coffee would be perfect for that.


 Buy your wine barrel aged Sumatra from Verena Street here.


About Sumatra Coffee:

  • Sumatra comes from Indonesia.
  • Some drinkers love the chocolate and earthy tones of Sumatra coffee while others don’t.
  • Sumatra is commonly used as a base bean in espresso blends.
  • You tend to get a rich, full body flavor from the cup with this bean, which is why it works so well for some people.
  • If you enjoy smoked meats and a good scotch every so often, it’s likely you’re a fan of this origin.