Bob Fish of Biggby Coffee is one of those coffee professionals I admire a lot. He’s got a great attitude about life and love.

He cares about his friends, family, customers, and franchisers alike. He’s not afraid to let it be known.

Yet, he’s professional and has a special understanding of coffee. I doubt that I’ll end up with a franchise set up for my own physcial shop, but if I did, Biggby Coffee would be my number one choice.

In the last issue of Coffee Excite I wrote, I shared how the Moka Pot was a great small space coffee maker. While I may have a lot more photo shoots and some great photos to show in the near future, getting my space ready for video taking is going to take awhile.

In the meantime, Bob has released an awesome video showing everyone how to use the moka pot at home. His intention is to show you how to enjoy a good espresso when you don’t have an espresso machine.

The next kitchen recipe day I have, I’m going to experiment with what he has done in this video. His method is different than the traditional recommended method. 

It make sense. I just have to try it. 

I need to find a good partner drink to go with my newest biscotti creation for the next Coffee Excite. I might use something done with the moka pot.

Just an added note: Bob doesn’t go into the care of your moka pot after you’re done brewing with it. Don’t tap the grounds out of the holder. The type of metal moka pots are made of is soft and it may bend. Clean out the grounds gently. 

Now, go check out his video and make your afternoon coffee great with your moka pot.


Until the next post,

Your Energized Coffee Writer,

Diana Cacy Hawkins