So, you’re here to check me out. Wondering what coffee crazy person is behind all this stuff.

Glad to have you here!  I’m Diana Cacy Hawkins and I write coffee.

As you see this is an old picture. I’m the one on the far left, touching my daughter’s foot. My mom is holding her, and on the other side is my grandmother.

Why did I post this years old picture on my About page? Well, it struck me that I owe a lot to the women in my family who raised me and I’m proud of my daughter, who continues the strong traditions.

My grandmother was a stay at home mom of nine kids. You tell me that isn’t the same as running your own business and managing a crazy budget.

My mother worked the family business alongside my father. They raised me in that business and taught me that everyone is an equal asset to the success of the business.

My daughter is grown now with kids of her own, and runs her own full time business.

This isn’t to preach about the value of women and the strength of women. This is to show you, I’m a woman of business, with real goals. Not just someone who will be here one day and gone the next.

If you join me on this journey of coffee exploration, expect the journey to last a long time.

Writing for the Coffee Industry

If you own a coffee business, feel free to check out my services. I regularly visit with coffee roasters and coffee shop owners to ask questions and keep tabs on the industry. What works. What isn’t working. What customers like. What they don’t like.

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