Do you need a copywriter who has these traits?

  • Respects and understands deadlines
  • Knows what a buyer persona is
  • Expertly trained (didn’t just read a book)
  • Understands how a piece fits into the marketing strategy

Do you need writing for these projects?

  • Case Studies
  • Blog Posts
  • Reports/White Papers
  • Website Copy
  • Email Copy
  • SMS Copy
  • Chatbot Copy
  • Social Media Stories
  • Lead Generation Pieces
  • Direct Mail
  • Printed Handouts

Then we should talk. I just might be the writer you’ve been looking for.

To start, let’s set up a meeting for when it’s convenient for you.
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Availability Statement:

I’m currently handling a wide range of accounts through a major eCommerce marketing agency. This means I have limited space for new clients.

If you need anything, please feel free to email me and see if I have space available for your needs.

Please include complete information of what you need and what your business is, including your website address.

If I’m not available, I have connections and may be able to help you find someone.

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If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

~Zig Ziglar

Optimized Copy and Strategy That Gets Results In Today’s Oversaturated Marketplace

You need a copywriter who understands what today’s busy buyers listen to. Knowing how to direct these overmarketed people through your customer journey can be tough.

Find a copywriter who studies the masters and learns from those working in the field today. Reading a book doesn’t make you an expert.

The Customer Journey Leads To Your Door

Know your customer. Use your written materials, online and in print, to guide your qualified prospects. Get them to engage with you. Get the sale more quickly.

Use a mix of short copy and long copy. Your short copy should get their attention, break through their busy modern lives, while your long copy nurtures your relationship with them.

Today It’s Conversational Writing That Creates a Great Customer Engagement Marketing Plan

Your customers are people, not machines. Your content needs to speak to them naturally.

Even Google is learning how to use words in context to target search results better. Your content needs to address what your customers are searching for in the words they naturally use.


“Diana is very professional and makes collaborating on projects easy and efficient. She is transparent throughout the process and is open to suggestions and feedback. Every time we work with Diana we can expect quality work and fast turnaround.”

Johnny Nieves

When To Hire A Copywriter

While much of the writing in your marketing can be done by you, if you do not like writing the content, it is okay to hire this out to a professional. This will free your time to concentrate on the duties you love. 

 Note: Once your business reaches a certain size, HIRE out the writing. I’ve seen too many business owners burn out by trying to do too much themselves. 

  • Website content 
  • Articles for your website 
  • Your blog posts 
  • Direct mail letters 
  • Printed handouts, like fliers and brochures 
  • The long social media posts 
  • Online ads 
  • Newsletter or email writing 
  • SMS writing

      These are all examples of duties you can hire out to others. Done right, this is not splurging on expenses you don’t need.  

      Ideally, the return on investment is an increase in sales. With some pieces, such as emails with coupons, you can measure the return on your investment almost immediately.  With others, especially materials that nurture your relationships with your audience, the return builds up slowly over time.

       Often the return you gain is more long-term and accumulative in combination with other aspects of your marketing efforts. This is why I maintain open communication with my clients to make sure they’re getting a return on their marketing efforts.

      Analyze what you’re doing now and tweak it to improve future results. 


      Diana has been a joy to work with on my “Rupert’s Soaps” website project.  Diana has made it a very pleasant experience in her creation of the website for my soap business.   Diana’s suggestions and guidance in each aspect of the pages of the website were very creative and logical, and I would highly recommend Diana to others!

      Tara Whitnah

      About Your Business Brand 

      (original wording for coffee shop owners)

      Your brand is so much more than just your logo. It’s everything your customer sees, hears, feels, smells, and tastes from the moment she enters your shop. Your brand continues to work with how these experiences make them feel after they leave your shop.

      You start your branding when you first dream up your business. You create the brand when you bring that business to life. You continue your branding in how you reach out to current and new customers outside of the coffee shop.

      Your brand, AKA your customer’s journey is everywhere:

      • Your shop’s design
      • The music you play
      • The smells in your shop
      • How your employees look
      • How your employees interact with the customers
      • Your packaging
      • Your social media
      • Your advertising
      • Your products
      • Your logo – your logo is recognizable and makes them feel all the above when they see it.

      No matter what stage you’re at in your business, plan this out. Envision the journey your customer takes from the moment she hears about your shop to what makes her become a repeat customer. 

      Excerpt from my book Coffee Shop Strategies available at – updated version suitable for all small business types coming soon, as well as an expanded strategic marketing playbook for small business. 

      Should We Talk?

      To start, let’s set up a meeting for when it’s convenient for you.
      email me at dianacacycopy (@)
      message me through LinkedIn @dianacacyhawkins 

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