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Marketing Specialty Coffee

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Even if you have to close the doors during this pandemic for a few weeks or so, don’t let inactivity set in.

  • Deep clean your shop
  • Do inventory counts early
  • Plan out new drinks and food offerings
  • Design a secondary product sales area
  • Set up a place for your customers to purchase gift certificates
  • Build an email list if you don’t have one
  • Nuture your email list if you do have one and use it to help your customers face their own fears
  • Plan out your content, specials, and events for the rest of the year

And don’t stop talking to your people. Always market forward! This won’t last forever. Do what you can now to minimize the damage.


Need help?

Check in with the Small Business Administration. There are small business loans available to help you through this time. But hurry! The need is sure to be great and the funds could run out before you get there.

Marketing Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Great advice for roasters looking to get their coffee into local restaurants.

Article can be found here.

Staying in business during the pandemic

Many fresh roasters have kept up with online orders while closing down for walk in ordering. Fresh roasters who did not offer online ordering started it. Do you have online ordering available? If not, be sure to start it soon.

Some fresh roasters are offering in town special delivery as part of their options. They’ve set it up so people can easily phone in orders or order through their website. Consider offering this service to your customers too.

Check with the local grocery store about stocking your coffee. Assuming that you already follow and meet regulations for food handling, this could be a good option for you.

Offering to refill non-eco friendly coffee bags for a discount is dangerous right now. Consider making your bags disposable and more eco friendly. Put the discounts on hold.

Here’s a link to an article on what some roasters are doing.



Do-it-yourself marketing tool: I highly recommend using Canva for designs you create on your own. Easy to use interface and easy to afford monthly price. If this is something you need check out the following link. (note: I get a credit to my account if you sign up with this url)
Join Canva Here

Need Help?

I’m Diana Cacy Hawkins, an energized coffee writer helping coffee businesses go from surviving to thriving.

Learn more at Energized Coffee Content and contact me today.


Coffee Industry News


Coffee IS Essential: Those of us who live coffee on a daily basis understand how it’s an essential staple to any home kitchen. Many other companies do too. Coffee and tea are two drinks that are in nearly every home in some fashion. While we humans could do without our sodas, coffee and tea has become part of the food group. And let’s face it, coffee is one of the few comforts we can easily make during difficult circumstances. Read the following article about a bunch of companies and associations expressing to the government that we need to be able to keep in stock what we use on a daily basis.

Here’s the article link.


Coffee Crisis Answers: One solution may have been found for coffee farmers in Kenya. More research is needed yet, but it looks promising.
“Currently, 95 percent of Kenya’s coffee farms grow coffee as a monocrop. But based on recent proposals, more farmers may decide to intercrop with macadamia trees.”
Check out the article here.

In the Know…The coffee industry isn’t immune to people trying to cash in on imposter beans. Knowing where your beans come from and being sure you’re serving the best quality is crucial. Here’s one instance of how countries and coffee growers are dealing with the situation. This involves the Blue Mountain Coffee. I see a lot of group chatter about how to make sure the Blue Mountain coffee you buy is real.
Jamaica launches crackdown on counterfeit coffee.

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