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Diana Cacy Hawkins


Building quality posts and web pages isn’t just about the words in them. It is also about how that content works together to reaching your goals. I would be glad help you with my reliable process of optimizing your posts and web pages.


 My process uses the simple PERK method to achieve the most from your posts and pages.

  • Pull: Define the reasons for your marketing. What do you want to accomplish?
  • Extract: Bring out your overall theme for all your marketing points and align them to work together.
  • Roast: We make sure everything you put out is optimized to achieve your purpose
  • Knock: We evaluate everything six months down the road to make sure it’s working right.

Clarify Your Content’s Purpose

In the pull step, we meet up to clarify the purpose of your content. Don’t just publish content. Have a plan, strategy, and a clear purpose to what you do with your content.

It’s okay to have more than one purpose. Together we can clarify and prioritize how and when to deploy content to meet your goals.

Align Your Content

With the extract step, we need to make sure all your content is aligned and working towards your goal. 

  • Blog posts
  • On site reviews
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Articles
  • Web Pages
  • Twitter
  • Much More

All these platforms you use to reach your target audience need to work together, to help you achieve that purpose you’re working to achieve.

This is true whether you’re running a small business with just one or two people creating your content or if you’re a major company with multiple teams writing at once.

All your content must be aligned so your efforts are aimed at the same target.

Optimize That Content

In the roast step, we must make sure all your content is optimized.

Content should never just be “content”. It should always have a purpose. And content needs to be optimized to make sure that it is on-purpose.

If your company’s individual pieces across all platforms are not optimized, they’ll do a poor job of achieving their purpose. Even if you have a clear purpose and have aligned your content. Optimization counts.

My extra step: the follow-up

Most content optimization experts don’t include a fourth step, but I do. For a campaign to be successful, a business needs to be flexible and able to adjust. The Knock step does this. Six months after your content goes live, we’ll meet up.

We’ll discuss what is working and see if there’s anything that doesn’t perform as well as you like. At this time I’ll make an audit of your marketing performance and suggest your next moves.


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