Diana Cacy Hawkins

B2B and B2C content and copy

Thank you for your interest in my services. You’ve come to my profile page where you can find examples of my writing in both the B2B and the B2C sectors. 

Feel free to contact me at dianacacy@espressoshotmarketing.com  about my availability.

“Diana is very professional and makes collaborating on projects easy and efficient. She is transparent throughout the process and is open to suggestions and feedback. Every time we work with Diana we can expect quality work and fast turnaround.”

Johnny Nieves

“Her writing style allows me to complement her creative process with mine, and the results are always outstanding. I expect nothing but quality from her, and she’s by far the best copywriter I’ve worked with.”


Designers Lead

“When it comes to writing, Diana has this great quality to make everything sound exciting, the copy was clever, savvy, and witty.

One other thing I have noticed about Diana, is that she very loyal and a great team player, if she discovers something new and useful she always shares that with the team. Whenever I ask for help on an urgent task, Diana would say that even though she is almost full, if nobody else reaches out to me I am free to reach out to her to get the work done. It is so great to know that she is just there for you, people like her are rare gems.”


Account Manager

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