Creating The Energized Coffee Calendar

A Book From Coffee Business Strategies

Important Changes Due To 2020 Corona Virus:

Welcome and thanks for coming to check out my Energized Coffee Calendar.

This project has changed into something great you’ll want to take advantage of. For free!


The original format of Energized Coffee Calendar has been postponed until 2021. So much of it relies on information from coffee festivals and conferences around the world.

In it’s place, I’ve made a special offer to help small coffee businesses get through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

When you sign up for Coffee Business Strategies, you get a crazy deal. Four weeks of coffee related topic ideas are yours. For free.

In addition, you get a pdf copy of Consistency plus Trust equals Attraction for free!

These two items are resources I created to help you stay in business and to help you do it smarter.

In addition, I’ll send you regular updates by email of more resources, tips, and tools you can use to keep going through economically challenging times. Not only will my information help you through tough times, but also help you market smarter, easier, and for less expense through normal times.

You also can join Coffee Business Strategies private group on Facebook or LinkedIn. Members are allowed to help one another with their marketing and I’ll be there to help out too.

You’re not alone.  Let’s work together to come out from this challenging atmosphere stronger than ever.

Your Energized Coffee Writer,

Diana Cacy Hawkins


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