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Energized Coffee CALendar

Your coffee uplifts and inspires your customers to meet the challenges of their day. Your coffee shop’s blog should do the same.


By instilling your blog with energy and enthusiasm for your coffee and the world around us, you fuel your customer’s love for coffee and keep them coming back to your coffee shop.


Write to inspire. Write to energize.


Creating The Energized Coffee Calendar

Book Two of Coffee Business Strategies

If you’re looking for the monthly subscription plan, it has been cancelled. After receiving valuable feedback from coffee shop owners, the Energized Coffee Calendar is being published in book format due to popular demand. 

I’m currently creating and preparing Coffee Business Basics and Creating The Energized Coffee Calendar for publication. 

If you need help with your content marketing come see me at Energized Coffee Content and let’s have a meeting!

Your Energized Coffee Writer,

Diana Cacy Hawkins


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