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Your coffee uplifts and inspires your customers to meet the challenges of their day. Your online conversations with them should do the same.


An effective Customer Engagement Strategy fuels your customer’s love for your coffee. Your energy and enthusiasm keeps them returning.


Write to inspire. Write to energize.

The Content Optimization Plan is the perfect way to establish a strong Customer Engagement Strategy.


Let’s design a content optimization plan for you using my PERK process to give your business the best return from everything you do.



A solid, simple Content Optimization Plan will help you make sure your website pages, blog posts, and social site posts all work together to achieve your goals. The plan comes with an easy to understand and follow checklist so your content continues to work for you every time you put out something new.

Three Custom Packages for Your Content Optimization Plan

Basic Deal

Using my exclusive P.E.R.K. method, we’ll Optimize the areas of your communication strategy. Your social media or blog posts will work seamlessly with your web pages to create a path to your goal.

  • We will meet to decide your goals to develop your plan, strategy and clear purpose.
  • I’ll work on aligning your content.
  • Then I’ll optimize it.

At this point, you get the plan and a checklist to use for all your content.

Then we meet again in six months to see how things are going and if we need to adjust anything.

Only $1000!

 $500 due at signing

Balance due upon completion.

Original Content Deal 

Huge Discount!

The Content Optimization Plan gives you all you need to get your own content structure down to make your Customer Engagement Strategy really take off. Perhaps you need some original content to go with it and give you a jump start. 

As an add-on to the Basic Deal, I’ll include original content created for your strategy at a huge discount off the normal price if purchased separately. Each piece of content would be originally created to match your desired strategy goal. All you have to do is post it and engage.

  • 5 – 600 word (approx) blog posts
  • 5 Facebook Stories
  • 5 Instagram Stories

Total price is $1500:

$750 due at signing

Balance due upon completion.

special offerBonus Content Optimization

Your best buy!

This is the hottest deal I have right now and it won’t be available long. I’ve only got a few openings for this extensive work at this amazing price.

If you’re really serious about making your Customer Engagement Strategy work, then this deal is for you. 

  • Basic Content Optimization Plan
  • Original Content Deal
  • Plus 5 part Email Series
  • Additional monthly guidance for 3 months
  • Special steep discounts on content and sales copy purchases for the next 12 months.

Total price for package: $2000

$1000 due at signing

$1000 due when the plan and checklist are handing in



Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to Post to my blog?

If you want to keep people engaged and coming back to your website, and to your shop, I recommend three times a week. Daily blog posts work even better.

How long do my blog posts need to be?

For everyday blog posts that provide quick updates, 600 words work great. They give your blog substance without making your readers work too hard to read it. For deeper content with more information and to help with your SEO efforts, the 1000 word blog posts work great. In my month long package, we plan for one per week. You could go with two per week if you like.

Why should I worry about the blog? I reach my customers with Facebook and it's doing very well for me already.

If you’re a small, local coffee shop and your customers do see your Facebook posts often, then great! Keep it up. I just do not recommend relying solely on Facebook. They constantly change their algorithms and sometimes organic reach just doesn’t work well.

Try posting daily on Facebook and twice a week on your blog. Just make sure to make a Facebook post leading people back to your blog when you do post to it.

If my coffee shop is a small local shop, why do I need to worry about Seo?

Even for local businesses SEO matters. When someone looks for coffee shops close by them on their phones and other mobile devices, you want to make sure it’s your coffee shop they see. You want not only the right information to show up, but your shop’s personality to come through and make them enthusiastic to come in and have a coffee break.

I need more foot traffic. Will regular Blogging solve this for me?

Blogging is just one of many tools available to effectively market your business. It’s worth your time to learn about the different ways you can connect to coffee lovers and bring them into your shop. I’d be happy to offer my services in the form of a creative marketing session. We will go over your goals, your budget, and your time constraints and develop a marketing strategy. Each session is only $149. Contact me if you’re interested and let’s chat.

I Love writing my own blog posts, but coming up with ideas is so hard.

Good news! I have two low cost options for you that may help. A custom editorial calendar may do the trick, or perhaps a writing style guide. Or a package with both.


If you’re interested, contact me and we can see what will work for you.

Let’s Do this!

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