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Only accepting projects for Facebook and Instagram Ads at this time.


Frequently Asked Questions

For Using Facebook Ads

Will my ads be seen by the right people in Facebook?

Facebook is one of the best platforms for ads because they let you target your audience so well. A good Facebook Ad designer can help you refine your target and not waste any of your ad spend.

Who pays attention to Facebook?

In short, nearly everyone. I know a few people who don’t even have a Facebook account, so you probably do too. Don’t let that scare you. According to market.us Facebook has 1.59 Billion active users daily as of June 2019. This means that even if you’re posting an ad for a local business you’re more likely to get in front of them through Facebook with the right campaign set up.

Why should I bother with a Facebook ad? I post often to my Facebook business page and have a lot of followers.

Facebook is always changing its algorithms and how people see your posts. It’s likely that not nearly as many of your followers see your posts as you believe. Good Facebook Page management with a good routine, ignoring the hoaxes about how to beat the system that always show up, and designing a well managed ad campaign in Facebook will give you the best results.

What is this "Ad Spend" you mention that's in Addition to what you Charge?

The Ad Spend is what goes to Facebook directly for running your ads. You will get charged for the number of clicks your ads receive. But don’t worry. This is very easy to regulate and keep you from over spending.

How much will the "ad spend" to Facebook cost me?

This depends on what you’re selling or offering and the target audience, along with your goals. Normally, you will want to set a ad spend limit of $300 for a single ad. Any less and you can’t be sure as to if the ad is really working for you or not. Typically, $300 is enough, but there may be cases where you’re doing so well, you decide to spend more. The ad spend is live and can be adjusted live according to how well the ad is performing for you.

How do I know if the ad is working?

I’ll help you design an offer you can track. In addition, I will monitor the campaign through the month and make adjustments as needed to encourage the best performance possible from it.



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