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 Strengthen Your Proposals And Win More Design Jobs

Crafting effective design proposals is crucial to your firm’s success. It’s so frustrating when you spend hours agonizing over a proposal, only to lose the sale.

With PUMP UP YOUR PROPOSALS stop struggling through the time consuming proposals that don’t win your firm the design jobs. Mindwalk shows your team how to write winning design proposals, with less frustration and in less time.

“The coaching program was the best money we’ve ever spent. The new proposal template we developed with the Mindwalk coach helped us win five new design projects, and a top price. We probably would not have got those projects otherwise.”

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Proposals created with proven techniques to be effective and persuasive will help your firm gain more clients, revenue, and more successful projects.We will come to your business and present a convenient half day, personal face-to-face coaching session. This helps your staff grasp the proposal winning techniques more quickly and effectively.

During the PUMP UP YOUR PROPOSALS coaching session

  • Our proposal experts review and analyze your firm’s past proposals, identifying how to make them more persuasive.
  • We guide your team in how these areas were identified, what to change, and how to make the changes effectively.
  • Our experts guide your team in designing a new proposal template or updating your firm’s existing one for maximum effectiveness in the future.

Mindwalk’s thorough coaching takes your team through every step of the proposal creation. Persuasive and time saving techniques cover marketing, sales, pricing, and operations.

At the end of the coaching session, your design team will have a new proposal checklist.

Not just a generic checklist either.

We’ll help your team personally customize a checklist for your firm. This ensures that your team makes the strongest, most persuasive proposals built to increase your win rates.

“Mindwalk clients report an average of 32% increase in win rates after PUMP UP YOUR PROPOSALS coaching.”

Even after the coaching, we don’t stop there. Mindwalk’s coaching includes an additional review of your firm’s next proposal, anytime within six months of the coaching. At no extra charge.

Contact us today for your free introductory coaching session over the phone.

No obligation required.


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August 17, 2018